Proxi Smart

A 12-week focused programme to support startups or cash-constrained organisations looking for a ‘tactical quick fix’.


What do I get?

  • A senior tech marketer with 15+ years’ experience for 12 weeks
  • Online discovery interviews with two Virtual CMOs to build your SMART plan
  • 5 hours a week to work with your sales lead, coach your team and deliver on your SMART plan
  • A weekly review to respond to change
  • Subsidy for Proxi SMART may be available on the Regional Business Partner Network

Check out our amazing team of Virtual CMOs by clicking here.

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Working directly with your sales lead, we identify the best opportunities to target in your current pipeline and work with you to shape the pipeline going forwards. We work to a joint plan for business success.

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We know budgets will be tight or non-existent. Proxi vCMOs are used to rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. We can also negotiate rates and deals over this time to make $$ go further with your suppliers.

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The aim is to identify what can be done to shift the needle now as fast as possible – then do it. We will also focus on what can be put in place to give you the best chance of conversion when isolation ends.

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If you have a marketing team already, we work with them. If you don’t, we work with whoever you’ve got available and coach them on ‘doing’ what needs to get done. We will plug as many of the gaps as we can between us.

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We won’t be distracted by anything outside of the immediate focus of this engagement. You have our total attention in the time we’re with you… and a bit outside of that as well. We want this to work as much as you do.